Our mission is to empower thought.

Founded 2018
16-50 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Information Systems
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    Flow solves the complexity of fund infrastructure. We connect information across investors, providers, investments and systems to realize our mission of empowering thought. Powered by dynamic tools and human centric interfaces, our cross platform SaaS technology networks and adapts to the myriad of ways funds operate to optimize productivity and increase time invested into making decisions. By bringing Flow to the $10 Trillion alternative asset market, we are able to increase the speed of decisions, the speed of capital and the speed of growth that serve as the lifeblood for all market based economies.

    Founding Story

    Adrian is a leading technology expert in productivity driven software related to digital documents, tools, security and workflows. Brendan started his career on Wall Street and has been a serial tech entrepreneur for the last decade. This is our second company together and in choosing what we wanted to solve next we established five criteria.

    Play to our strengths
    Adrian and I have a proven ability to build and execute while realizing how hard startups can be. We wanted to do everything we could to stack the deck in our favor, which meant we wanted to solve problems that played to our strengths and gave us an unfair advantage. From a technology perspective, that meant Adrian would apply his background building and leading technology at Adobe and Nitro. From a strategy perspective, that meant I would apply my ability to synthesize and resolve complexity across multiple stakeholders.

    Solve a clear problem
    Many problems in the world are only symptoms of root causes. We wanted to identify and solve a root cause rather than a symptom. We wanted to solve a problem that was causing pain and limiting potential rather than simply drive consumption in a new direction. Most importantly, we wanted to solve a core problem that would unlock potential and help drive the world towards a better future. We wanted to solve a problem that would drive evolution through technology.

    Address a big market
    Adrian and I want to have a significant impact, which meant that we had to limit our search to significant markets. Solving a root problem in a big market also meant that we would attract other ambitious people to build with.

    Highly profitable and durable
    We wanted to solve a problem in an industry that led to a fundamentally sound business. Our belief is that creating a highly profitable and durable business would lead to the ability to take a longer term view in how we built the company. That meant we could establish foundational elements that would enable us to compound benefits while providing resources from the market that lessen our dependence on investor capital.

    Love building it
    The final criteria is the most important. Not only does it ensure we will have fun investing the countless hours in building something of significance. It ensured that we would truly have an unfair advantage and greatly increase our likelihood of success.

    Tech stack

    Rails 5 API, AWS, Java, PostgreSQL, Chef, Capistrano, CircleCI, Github, Angular 12


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