Fictiv is a hardware development platform for engineers & designers. Our tools, expertise, and community provide the building blocks for more efficient manufacturing.

Founded 2013
51-200 employees
  • Industrial Automation, Supply Chain Management, & Warehousing
  • Headquarters address
    168 Welsh Street San Francisco, CA 94107

    What is Fictiv?

    At Fictiv, we’re creating the future of democratized manufacturing. Our mission is simple: to empower people with the tools, information, and community necessary to build amazing products.

    Our Mission

    To become the most trusted partner for discovering and accessing hardware prototyping and manufacturing tools.

    Our Beliefs

    We’re committed to creating a company that reflects our community by including voices from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Our belief is the best team is born from an environment that emphasizes respect, honesty, collaboration, and growth.

    If you share our vision, we’re interested in hearing from you.

    How It Works

    Hardware engineers and designers upload a 3D model to our platform to receive a quote and order parts using a credit card. Once an order has been placed, vendors with an idle machine and the right material will begin producing the part. Vendors on our network include local manufacturers, companies and individuals that have idle 3D printers or CNC machines. We pre-vet all vendors to ensure they have the highest quality possible. Once an order is complete, we pick up and ship the part by courier or postage.

    What This Means For Hardware

    By leveraging excess capacity, we’re able to cut lead times and cost by as much as 50% versus traditional solutions. Most importantly, hardware developers can focus on innovating rather than vetting vendors, requesting quotes or tracking orders.

    Our Story

    It started back in 2013 when we found ourselves asking why it was so difficult to create physical products. Despite having spent years prototyping hardware at Ford, startups, Stanford, or hacking on the weekend, we ran into the same problem again and again--we spent the majority of our time getting quotes and waiting for parts to be fabricated. We knew there had to be a better way.

    So we decided to start Fictiv. By creating a platform where demand for 3D parts is efficiently routed to available supply, people building hardware get faster, cheaper parts, and vendors can monetize their idle capacity to finance the purchase of expensive capital equipment. Everybody wins.

    We’ve built the first of what we hope will be many products that help reduce the barriers to creating amazing products, and hope you’ll join us in the journey ahead--we promise it won’t be a dull one ;-)

    Tech stack

    Postgres, Any other tool that's right for the job


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    401k plan

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    Values and quality of life

    Catered meals
    Fictiv - Hardware hackathons on custom build tables by the Fictiv team. PS. We love making things ;)
    Fictiv - 3D printing and scanning fun!
    Fictiv - Morning Pancake Office Hours @ Fictiv. We love helping engineers and designers bring their ideas to reality
    Fictiv - Halloween @ Fictiv!
    Fictiv - Team offsite