The marketing leading AI-powered investment research tracking & analytics tool for financial services.

Founded 2015
1-15 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    37 Floral Street, London WC2E 9DJ, UK

    The Industry is Rapidly Changing
    For over 70 years parts of the professional investment industry have remained relatively unchanged. However, a combination of evolving technology and new regulation is creating a huge opportunity. At FeedStock, we know how the professional investment world works in detail, and have a highly skilled dedicated team creating the future.

    Our Focus
    We focus on providing solutions to companies as a whole; the end user must benefit, as well as the company. Investment Research is our area of focus. Addressing both compliance and commercial use cases, FeedStock’s software uses the very latest techniques in machine learning to integrate seamlessly (and invisibly) with our users’ existing IT infrastructure to capture and analyse the exchange of investment research services across email, calendar, browsers, calls and more. Our clients consist of both producers of investment research (for whom there is a commercial driver to understand the dissemination of their research services) and recipients of this research (who are obliged to record their receipt of such services for compliance purposes). All competitor products require some degree of manual data entry or reconciliation with third party data sources; FeedStock distinguishes itself through its complete automation.

    How We Work
    We work together as a team, with a relatively flat structure so everyone is involved. We like to work on real issues creatively, with rigorous internal analysis. We think that work should be rewarding, otherwise why bother. No office politics, no spare wheels, just a team that works hard to create results.

    A company is only a group of people working towards a shared goal, so we need to make sure that everyone enjoys working together and fits in the team. The process for us is as follows: first we check that your skills match the requirements, and then we will have a quick call. If all is well, we have a coding test that needs to be completed, and then we can meet for an interview or two.

    Tech stack

    React js v0.15, Bootstrap for CSS, Python3 on Django+Celery, Postgresql + memcache + ElasticSearch + RabbitMQ, Exchange Srvr '10 '16 Office 365, Azure, AWS EC2, AWS S3, Ubuntu Linux 14.04, Docker, SaltStack, Logentries/CloudWatch.