FCTRY is a product design startup that creates vertically integrated consumer microbrands. We work with artists and designers to turn original, offbeat concepts into real, mass-produced products.

  • Founded 2005
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • eCommerce


FCTRY is a fun, fast-growing Brooklyn-based startup that is pioneering the use of design, storytelling and digital brand strategies and to transform the way that consumer products are developed and brought to market.


1. To make art just as accessible and collectible as music or video.

FCTRY functions like a record label or a movie studio. We collaborate with select artists and designers to bring their ideas to the mass-market. We have the infrastructure and know-how to take a great concept and quickly scale it globally.

2. To develop tech-driven processes that eliminate wasteful manufacturing.

The prevailing paradigm in the consumer-goods industry is to produce an item, bring it to market and hope it does well. Globally, this leads to enormous amounts of material waste, as most products ultimately fail. FCTRY is pioneering the use of tech-driven strategies to reinvent this process and eliminate the guesswork that leads to waste.