Facet Wealth

Facet makes high quality financial advice available to the mass affluent market

16-50 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    509 S. Exeter St., Baltimore, MD 21202

    We seek to show the world—our clients, the financial services industry, and ourselves—what is possible with the next generation of financial life management. The tools that we build and the services that we provide tangibly improve people’s lives.

    Facet is disrupting the wealth management industry. Our innovative technology and unique advisor model allow us to deliver high quality financial services previously available only to the very wealthy, to the 33 million Mass affluents in the US. As a company, our goals are:

    -Help millions of Americans achieve their financial goals through high quality financial advice previously not available
    -Build the next generation of financial planning and financial life management tools that redefine how wealth management is delivered
    -Create a company culture that is as fun as it is stimulating

    Tech stack

    PHP, Python, Node.js, or other web-development framework HTML5, JavaScript (jQuery, Angular.js, React.js or Knockout.js), CSS3 (LESS, Bootstrap or SASS), ES6