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Exa's visualization and simulation software helps designers and engineers produce better vehicles and equipment. Exa software accurately predicts the performance of designs.

Founded 1991
201-500 employees
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Headquarters address
    55 Network Dr, Burlington, MA 01803, USA

    About Us

    ExaCLOUD provides secure, web-based access to the complete Exa simulation suite anywhere, at any time. It is a multi-user system that enables engineers to easily and intuitively manage simulation projects, collaborate seamlessly with colleagues and use any of Exa's powerful simulation preparation or results analysis tools with just a web browser. Customers pay only for simulation use. ExaCLOUD provides access to a virtual, secure, high-performance computing facility hosted by IBM.

    Product Capabilities:

    • Access the complete, most up-to-date Exa simulation suite anywhere, at any time, with no installation required (including full versions of Exa client software)
    • Project, run and data management capabilities
    • Team collaboration tools
    • Powerful simulation results analysis tools

    Access the complete, most up-to-date Exa simulation suite anywhere, at any time

    • Secure, 100% web-based, multi-user environment
    • Connect from any system with just a web browser
    • Full, web-based use of all Exa interactive products included at no additional cost and pay only for the simulation capacity you use
    • Exa ensures that the latest versions are immediately available
    • Customer can choose which version of software to run

    Access to a virtual, secure, high-performance computing capacity hosted by IBM

    • High-performance compute nodes and interconnect
    • High-performance graphics nodes
    • High-performance disk storage
    • Expandable to meet your needs

    Project, run, and data management

    • Project manager interface for setup and management of projects consisting of hierarchy of runs
    • Project templates to ensure consistency and avoid errors
    • Real-time project status
    • Automate simulation submission and results analysis

    Run Manager

    • Automation of standard simulation workflows
    • Auto-stop to minimize run times and costs
    • Real-time job monitoring with a variety of job monitors

    Data Manager

    • Central project repository standardizes simulation data storage
    • Easily upload and download files (drag and drop)

    Team Collaboration Tools

    • Share interactive product sessions
    • Review models before running simulations
    • Status available to all project members in real-time
    • Shared file repository

    Powerful Simulation Results Analysis Tools

    • Access to Exa's full suite of simulation results analysis tools
    • Automated results post-processing with PowerINSIGHT™ and Aeroacoustics Templates
    • Rapid results browsing with Built-in Movie Player & Image Viewer
    • Rapid multi-run results browsing and comparison with PowerINSIGHT
    • Deep interactive 3D analysis with PowerVIZ®
    • Acoustic analysis with PowerACOUSTICS®


    Paramount to all engineering customers, ExaCLOUD is hosted at a secure data center run by IBM Manage Continuity Services featuring:

    • Level 3+ design resilient data center
    • Cisco Firewall
    • VPN required for access
    • Secure HTTPS Connection

    Tech stack

    Java, spring, html5, grails, groovy, Full stack web, Front end web, C++, user-interface, qt, stl, desktop applications, Graphics, Desktop, Windows (desktop)


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