Empower businesses to ethically use their data through automating user data privacy and management.

Founded 2018
1-15 employees
  • Personal Security & Safety
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Information Systems
  • Headquarters address
    45 West 29th Street Suite 501, New York, NY

    Who We Are

    Data has a proven and tremendous power to change the way businesses operate and how services can become more personal - leading to better experiences and performance. However with the rapid growth of data dependent applications and business decisions and a need to move fast to remain competitive, companies are finding it harder to manage the privacy and protection of critical business data like consumer information. We believe it’s time for a change in how businesses manage users data.

    Ethyca is an infrastructure and data platform that helps companies and developers easily and quickly build products and services that automatically care about user data privacy and protection. We believe that user privacy matters more now than ever and that the solution to managing user data is not in regulation but in code.

    We believe that the right team is vital to our success. In the end, we are all collectively responsible for the success that we achieve. Last but not least, we want to have fun doing it together.

    Ethyca is headquartered in New York, with our office in the Nomad district.

    Our Core Values

    Every voice counts The answer to a difficult problem can come from any member of our team, we want to nurture an environment in which everyone contributes ideas and no one should be frightened to say “what if…”

    Curiosity We use a suite of solutions, technology and standards to deliver on our mission and vision but we’re not wedded to them. Continuous curiosity is at the heart of improving any solution no matter how good.

    Code Quality We’re building technology that helps to keep users data private and protected; coding standards and quality matter to everyone in our team so that we can build the most effective platform.

    Care We care deeply about the problem we’re solving and the people we work with. It matters to us greatly that everyone in our team supports each other equally on good and bad days. In the same way that we care greatly about the idea that everyone's’ personal information is there’s alone; our job is to offer great services while never compromising on user control and privacy. Caring is at the heart of our decision making process.

    Our Interview & Hiring Process

    Stage 1: Telephone screen to give both sides a better idea if Ethyca is the right place for you. (30 minutes)
    Stage 2: Coding challenge (1 hour)
    Stage 3: Onsite team interview (2-3 hours)
    We pride ourselves on being very transparent throughout the entire interview process with conversations around compensation, equity and your excitement about growing the company and growing yourself along with it.

    Tech stack

    Java, Cassandra, Quartz, Various SQL Flavors (AWS RDS), ANTLR, Terraform, AngularJS


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    Ethyca - Company Photo
    Ethyca - Company Photo