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eSpark empowers teachers to transform their classrooms with technology.

  • Founded 2010
  • 51-200 Employees
  • 6-15 Engineers
  • Education

About eSpark Learning

Our Mission
Our mission is to re-imagine student learning for all students so it’s student centered; enabling students to succeed in school and life. We founded eSpark Learning to bring differentiated learning to students in public schools. Every student and class has differentiated needs, but even the most effective teachers struggle to individualize instruction. We support the delivery of tailored instruction through two products: eSpark (iPad) and Frontier (web).

How We Interview & Hire Engineers
eSpark aims to be a premier React shop in Chicago and San Francisco. Every day we release awesome features for students and educators that we build using ReactJS and React Native, and we’re very excited to contribute to the framework and participate in the community.

We’re a small and growing team, so we put a lot of thought and care into our interview process. If you’re on our team, we want to make sure it’s a good fit for us, but more importantly we want you to feel comfortable, empowered and challenged at eSpark. We want to give you the chance to learn about us and work on our actual code base.
We start with an initial 30 minute long call with our engineering team to answer your questions about eSpark, followed by a 2-hour initial coding exercise done remotely.

If that goes well, we’ll sometimes ask you to join us for a technical interview over Google Hangout, or invite you to the office. If we think you’re have the technical strengths and culture fit, we’ll invite you to our office. You’ll meet the entire team - both engineering and non-engineering - and have lunch with us. You’ll pair with one of our engineers, talk with our CEO and meet a few individuals from our product and engineering team.

We hope by the end of your time with us, you’ve had a chance to learn all about us and we typically can make a formal offer quickly. As part of the offer process, we will ask you to setup reference calls for us with your former managers & bosses. We glean a lot of our inspiration from the book Who?, check it out!

Growth & Culture at eSpark
We are inspired to fulfill a mission larger than ourselves. Our team has grown 10x in the past few years, and we recognize that every person on our team has an important role to play in helping students and teachers grow. Our company is a mix of product and technical experts and former teachers. We care deeply about our users - parents, teachers and kids - and exemplary academic outcomes. We’re also seeing growth in our students’ academic outcomes - kids who use eSpark achieve up to 2x the learning and outcomes than their peers who are not using eSpark in the classroom.

With our mission as our backbone, we strive to be spectacularly great at a few things and aim to have the discipline to say no to many things to focus on what’s most important. We seek out compelling data and research so we have the opportunity to change our approach quickly to best serve our students.

We collaborate, have fun and work hard to deliver software and services that are truly valuable to schools, teachers, and the students.

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Tech Stack
  • ReactJS
  • React Native
  • Rails
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  • Swift
  • Elm

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  • Pair programming
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