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  • Founded 2016
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • Education

About EduMe

The world is changing - companies need to change with it.

We're all undergoing a huge shift in the way we work. 50% of the global workforce is expected to be mobile by 2020. Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce by 2030. Learning and development opportunities are the most important consideration for this generation when choosing a job - even more than salary and flexible working.

Today, we use our smartphones to meet all our needs and we expect the same convenience from training and communication tools.

At EduMe, we are rethinking corporate training and communication so that it reflects how we work, where we work and how we consume information.

Leading multinational companies like Uber rely on EduMe to train their workforce in a modern way.

We are headquartered in Chiswick, London.

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Tech Stack
  • React
  • React-native
  • Node
  • Heroku
  • Android

  • Friendly culture
  • Agile
  • Learning time on the job
  • Health plans
  • Flexible working hours
  • New equipment.