EdgeLinkOur mission is "to positively impact the lives of the people and companies that we touch"

Founded 2003
51-200 employees
  • Research, Management, & Consulting
  • Headquarters address
    7900 E. Union Ave Suite 810 Denver, CO 80237

    Our mission is "to positively impact the lives of the people and companies that we touch"
    67 total employees between Boulder/Denver Colorado and Portland, Oregon locations.
    We've been in business since 2003.

    What's great about working for EdgeLink is the variety of software products that you can work on...depending on your passions and interests:

    • Leading edge security software (used by Twitter, Apple, Kohl's, IBM, Lockheed...a diverse group of enterprise companies)

    • Patented Big Data Software (making use of analytics in a fast and efficient way)
      Education management software (focused on the next generation and enabling them to contribute to society in a prepared and meaningful way)

    • Fun and entertainment software (because it's important to smile and enjoy life)

    • Video, wireless communications & network management software (used to increase the speed and quality of video over the web and mobile)

    • Healthcare portals for hospitals and clinics (software that's improved the way our doctors care for us...with programs that promote health and prevent disease)

    • Business software (not as "flashy" but important for businesses that have increased profit and quality by using leading edge software to run their companies)

    Tech stack

    Our Tech Stack is cross platform with; Linux/Unix/LAMP, Microsoft/Windows and Mobile/Mac We specialize in the software life-cycle...so we are working in each of the above platforms and technologies. Let's talk about your favorites...
    Edgelink - Company Photo
    Edgelink - We work in a bright, sunny open office with ping pong for fun times and beer in the fridge. We collaborate with stand up's every morning. When not in the office we are out out in the community, sponsoring events and meeting with our great clients.
    Edgelink - EdgeLink is quality. We have fun and celebrate but it's not silly. We enjoy a few outings each year. We've gone curling, we've gone paddle boarding, we've done ropes courses, and we've enjoyed days at the park.
    Edgelink - Company Photo
    Edgelink - Company Photo