We're reimagining consumer banking, starting with an algorithm that looks beyond credit scores & a online borrowing experience that offers clients radical flexibility & ultra-low rates.

  • Founded 2013
  • 51-200 Employees
  • 51-100 Engineers
  • Finance/Insurance

About Earnest

We believe the purpose of all banks and lenders is to help their clients realize their hopes and dreams, but we are fed up with a financial system that has forgotten this primary purpose. We started Earnest to bring back the trust that is so sorely missing from the current financial system and to build a modern financial institution that delivers on the goal of making our clients’ lives better.

We are a skilled team of math, finance, design, and technology geeks who think differently about trust within the financial system and decided to do something about it. We started Earnest to build a finance company that combines rich data analytics, simple, functional design, and elegant software to bring the world a fast, low-cost, and hyper-personalized experience. Our mission is to build the modern bank for the next generation to enable better futures using data, honesty, personalization, technology, and trust.

Earnest is collaborative and energetic.
Earnest - Earnest is collaborative and energetic.
Earnest is values-centric and data-driven.
Earnest - Earnest is values-centric and data-driven.
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Tech Stack
  • Angular.js
  • ReactJS
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redshift
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • CI/CD
  • Scala

  • Unlimited vacation
  • Round trip to anywhere in the world after one year of employment
  • Dinner every week night

  • Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance
  • Retirement/401K Plan Retirement/401K Plan