Using deep learning with the vast capabilities of image sensors, we are developing a unique software approach that will bring autonomous driving to the masses.

Founded 2015
51-200 employees
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Headquarters address
    365 Ravendale Drive, Mountain View, CA 94041, USA
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    Play button is a Silicon Valley start-up founded by former lab mates out of Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. We are working on creating AI software for autonomous vehicles with deep learning, and we are seeking ambitious, bright-minded professionals who will become part of entrepreneurial teams.

    At, we believe using Deep Learning can help bring a radical change to the world of transportation for all. We’re looking for passionate developers excited to shape the self-driving car revolution and beyond. Our goal is to improve people's lives by transforming mobility in a cost effective way that can impact everyone, not just those buying automobiles at the very high end of the market.

    With a goal to have a product in the market, we work under fast execution and iterations; it’s important to hire candidates who see things differently and who aren't afraid to experiment to shape the future of global mobility. As an early hire, you will get a chance to help develop’s infrastructure and design process. As a Software Developer, you will develop and create tools for image processing and virtual worlds for automated driving and vehicle automation. You will understand and define the problem space. You will work in a fast-paced environment with other great engineers to design the front end to improve our systems.

    We are currently located in Mountain View and are quickly growing our talented team. Besides the usual (competitive salaries, generous health care benefits), you can look forward to excellent perks which will include free lunches/dinners, social events, Q&A sessions over happy hour, and an open and collaborative environment. We offer significant equity packages which means we are all owners in the company, further driving our passion for success.

    We recently announced a partnership with Lyft and we are excited to be an industry leader in bringing autonomy to the masses.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Tech stack

    C++, C, Python, Deep Learning, SLAM, Perception, Motion Planning, Mapping, Mobile, Robotics, Autonomous Driving


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