Docler Media, LLC

Docler Media is part of Docler Holding, home to diversified companies centered around the idea of creating unique, exciting and fun services ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Founded 2014
51-200 employees
  • News, Media, Advertising, & Publishing
  • Headquarters address
    720 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038, USA

    Docler Media is a well-funded, progressive tech startup in the heart Hollywood. A part of the massive and massively successful Docler Holding group of international companies, we are centered around the idea of creating unique, exciting and fun products and services. We work in a dynamic environment in offices where white boards and cupcakes are more common than clipboards and calculators. We're driven creatives, so if you're on an tech ninja ready to create apps that will be used for millions, this may be a great opportunity for you.

    Our video streaming sites are some of the top in the world, bringing over 50 billion visits per year and growing. With the potential to bring access to our customers to everything from education to entertainment, the possibilities are endless, and we've proven our ability to be the best in the business. Even more, Docler believes in streamlining, and cutting out third parties that raise risk and costs to consumers. With our web hosting, domain registration and payment processing services, we're able to bring our highly successful multimedia and products directly to our customers.

    So what does a future look like at Docler? Just about anything you can imagine. Our goal is partnering, investing and funding things that we find interesting, such as video games, social networking and social media platforms. There's no venture out of our realm of possibility, and we've already delved into other industries beyond multimedia, opening a high-end department store, developing cutting-edge camera lens technology, and investing in Ivanka concrete, an design company rooted in creative liberties and pushing the envelope of its industry.

    Our next venture is the most exciting yet, and where you'll play the most essential part! By the end of the year, we expect to launch our latest products: our own TV channel and a video-streaming mobile application that will allow social media users to interact in ways never thought of before. As part of this team, you'll be doing meaningful work, surrounded by a team of young-minded, fun, and aggressive professionals.

    A casual environment and cool coworkers makes Docler Media the perfect place to marry love of work and play. So if you're a creative that craves a dynamic environment and the opportunity to create technology that will change the world, Docler Media is the place for you. Check out our jobs page at!


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    Docler Media, LLC - Our offices are pet-friendly! Just ask the in-house mascot, Jelly Bean.
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