Creative, built by hand, passionate staff, agile and lean, product development, 200 projects 10+ years, repeat and referred business.

Founded 2005
51-200 employees
  • Information Systems
  • Headquarters address
    8/220 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

    If you think you know IT companies, DiUS may surprise you.

    Yes, we can code, tinker with hardware, and build platforms to help organisations disseminate data. However, our speciality is helping organisations embrace change and transform customer experiences by introducing new ways to dreaming and delivering digital products.

    We believe in starting small and focusing on getting projects off the ground quickly and cost effectively - we have worked this way for over 11 years. By building in a Lean and Agile fashion, DiUS can help your organisation turn data into insights and prove early if your idea of product has market appeal.

    We’ve nailed this collaborative, iterative, build-measure-learn way of working. It’s helped us create an enviable track record for solution delivery: over 200 projects in 10+ years.

    We value open source technology, automation and the cloud. In fact, we value anything that helps streamline the commodity aspects of development so that we can help our clients increase their speed to market and allow them to focus on improving customer experiences and creating business value.

    We engage on a project with a product development mindset, aiming to build a lasting digital asset for an organisation that is embraced by its customers.

    To get there, we’re always looking to minimise waste; by challenging the way we work - and if there is something that’s not providing enough value, we change, tune or remove it.

    Tech stack

    Open Source - Java, Ruby, Mobile, Android, iOS, AWS, Dev Ops, TDD, BDD, Agile, Lean, Pair Programming
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