Distribute, Inc.

The Private Marketplace for Bulk

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
  • Marketplace
  • Headquarters address
    345 Ritch St, San Francisco, California 94107

    The Private Marketplace For Bulk

    Distribute is an online marketplace for B2B buyers and sellers to communicate in real time. We allow individuals to increase transaction velocity by taking relationships that existed offline and bringing them into our network.

    Product distribution has operated for decades with no innovation. Millions of dollars of inventory is still moved over the phone and on email. As a result, there is $500b of stuck inventory in warehouses around the world. Distribute provides greater liquidity through a networked marketplace. Our team’s 30+ years of domain experience gives you access to the major players in the industry. We are a venture-backed technology company based in San Francisco.

    Distribute solves this by providing liquidity in a network marketplace.

    What we do

    We connect retail buyers and suppliers to help move product inventory faster, easier and wider. Distribute is a private network where buyers and sellers communicate directly and close meaningful deals in just seconds. Our platform gives access to a top-tier industry community that provides serious value.

    How we do it (how it works)

    Distribute is a private, secure platform where you can discover new channels to buy or sell quality product inventory. Sellers list their available inventory on the Distribute platform, managing product in real-time. Buyers discover products from new sources, building strong relationships.

    Tech stack

    Javascript, React, AngularJS, Python, Flask, RESTful API Development, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, DB/web/MVC frameworks, RabbitMQ


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