We help enterprise companies answer their most impactful data questions.

Founded 2014
16-50 employees
  • Analytics & Business Information
  • Headquarters address
    200 Corporate Pointe #410, Culver City, CA 90230, USA

    Our Story

    DataScience was founded in Jan 2014 by Ian Swanson, Colin Schmidt and Jonathan Beckhardt after having successfully worked together at small startups and large enterprise companies.

    We discussed the explosive growth of data within these companies and the challenge of putting it to action. We had seen first hand that valuable business data was often locked within the tech organization and inaccessible to the product, sales and marketing teams.

    Eventually, DataScience was started to unlock this data and provide meaningful answers to the most impactful business questions.

    DataScience has raised a $28M series A round led by respected investors and has focused on building the best team of Software Engineers, Data Scientists and (now) Product Designers in LA. We were ranked the #1 small business to work for in Los Angeles in 2015 by the LA Business Journal.

    Our Mission

    DataScience's mission is to help companies spend less time analyzing and more time implementing. We do so through delivering what business teams need from their data- actionable insights, not more dashboard reports.

    Our Culture

    We work on the cutting edge of rapidly advancing technologies - Big Data, Data Science (Java / Hadoop) + Heavy front end (React.js / Node).

    To do this effectively, we have created a culture of continuous learning. We encourage our team to try new technologies, attend conferences, trainings and local meetups, and to share their knowledge both internally and with the broader tech community.

    We hire people that are smart, curious and highly motivated. We expect a high level of professionalism and the ability to get things done that drive significant impact for the business. We treat each other with respect and give the freedom to drive important initiatives.

    We bring in lunch twice a week, hold internal tech talks and have weekly darts tournaments where we play creative games like Speed Darts, Baseball Darts, Bowling Darts, Tic-tac-toe Darts, etc. Beer is provided and It's always a ton of fun.

    We're dedicated to hiring the best people, being as transparent as possible, and solving challenging, rewarding problems.

    Tech stack

    Javascript, Java, Node.js, Cascading, React.js, Spark, ES6, Python, Less, AWS, ALT, Kinesis, Browserify, Ansible, Gulp, Terraform, Sauce Labs, Jenkins CI, TAP Tests, Packer, Vagrant


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    DataScience - CEO Ian Swanson presenting to aspiring Data Scientists from UCLA in our new 25,000 sqft. office space.