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Boston, MA, United States

The Company & Opportunity

We are drowning in a sea of information, especially in our working lives. Most of us struggle to cut through the clutter. With some help, we can make better decisions and even enjoy a better quality of life. That’s what Databox is about — helping business-people internalize what they really need to know about their businesses by allowing them to consume information in a way that’s natural and even delightful. This 2 minute product video will tell the first chapter of our story.

We’re solving a multi-million user problem: most critical data and business insight remains buried in spreadsheets and web dashboards that are rarely viewed. Our consumer-grade product design capability and obsession with making customers happy has led to a delightful, addictive mobile experience and viral growth. We have gotten prominent customers (and meaningful early revenue) without any sales & marketing machinery. Equipped with a recent round of venture funding (from Founder Collective + Atlas), we plan to become the dominant platform business people use to consume, discuss and act on data. In 2–3 years, we hope that every time you find yourself waiting for an elevator in an office building, you’ll see someone swiping his screen to refresh Databox. And that each time you’re on a plane that’s about to take off, you watch with pride as the woman sitting next to you frantically types a comment into her app while the flight attendants glare at her. But to get there, we need your help.

Today we are 15 people in Boston (HQ) and Slovenia. Beautiful product design and delightful customer experience are part of our DNA — we do not compromise in these areas because we know that when you delight the end-user, the money will follow. We have a senior team that has built public companies, but is young and energetic, supportive prominent investors and early customers and revenue. Most importantly, we have an opportunity to build a huge business based on a product that will be used by millions of people to make better business decisions. And we think it can even improve the quality of their working lives by helping them spend less time cognitive energy wading through a sea of information. We hope you’ll consider joining us.


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