Our lives are digital. Cyber attacks influence our elections, our finances, our heath, and our relationships. eSentire's mission is to protect enterprise digital assets, and secure how we live.

Founded 2001
201-500 employees
  • Cybersecurity
  • Headquarters address
    451 Phillip St, Waterloo, ON N2L 3X2

    eSentire's Managed Detection and Response service (MDR) provides a spectrum of threat protection capabilities that go beyond alerting to disrupt threats. We detect threats traditional security defenses miss and respond on your behalf. By focusing on the threats that matter instead of the noise that does not, your business continues operating and your risk is mitigated.

    Traditional approaches to cybersecurity are failing - disconnected systems and tools leave huge security gaps that are easily exploited by dangerous adversaries. Most business’s operations, value, and reputation are vulnerable to the ever-changing cybersecurity attack matrix. We are now in a machine-scale world, where the scale, complexity, and dynamism of data exceeds human capacity. Protecting companies' assets is essential, but most organizations lack the people, resources, and knowledge to do so.

    MDR is about simplicity, not adding complexity. Mitigating risk requires augmented security resources and a swift response. We empower our elite analysts with select, more effective detection tools, all operating at machine-scale. We are changing our customers' approach to safeguarding their businesses by:
    ● Using machine learning to automate the blocking of known bads
    ● Combining machine learning with human expertise to discover and neutralize unknown attacks, persistent threats, and insider threats
    ● Continuing to providing access to elite experts and advisors to answer questions and help organizations assess their security strengths and weaknesses

    Tech stack

    Python, AWS, Containers, Vue.JS, Django, Spark


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