Stardog is an enterprise data unification system that leverages smart graph database technology. Stardog virtualizes enterprise data sources to act like one big database for the enterprise.

Founded 2005
1-15 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • We are an engineering-first culture that focuses on solving very hard problems, like the enterprise data silo problem. We are doing for enterprise data what SANs do for storage; what cloud does for compute; what DCOS does for clusters.

    Stardog unifies data across the warehouse, system of record, and virtual query spectrum and, further, unifies data from structured, to semistructured, to unstructured. The result is a rationalized, coherent, graph data model that biz logic, analytics, reporting, and enterprise apps interact with, decoupled from the chaotic layer of enterprise data.

    Data unification is the precursor to all real data analytics efforts and our market is proportionally sized.

    Our culture is engineering excellence first, pointless biz ritual last.

    Come help us build the data unification platform for the post-relational era!

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