Community Fibre

We want to be the #1 Fibre To The Home Internet Service Provider in the UK to deliver better Internet for everyone.

Founded 2013
51-200 employees
  • Digital Communication
  • Headquarters address
    2 Eastbourne Terrace W2 6LG London
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    What We Do

    In a world where the Internet is the 4th utility, Internet Service Providers in the UK are failing in their responsibility to ensure that UK has a world class digital connectivity. They are failing in term of infrastructure, speed and proposition.

    At Community Fibre we are rolling out a new Fibre infrastructure to give to people an infrastructure for the next 100 years with unlimited speed and a proposition that is trusted and affordable.

    At Community Fibre software is important and therefore we have decided to build a team of 3 Full Stack engineers. You will be building many applications:

    • CRM and Workflow (The whole business is being driven by this application)
    • Billing and E-commerce (Using Direct Debits, Cryptocurrencies)
    • Order fulfilment (scheduling system) and Provisioning (Real-time scheduler and network activation)
    • GIS plan and build (automated design)
    • and many more...

    How We Interview & Hire

    Our interview process begins with an introductory call to help you better understand the opportunity, give us a glimpse into your interests and motivations, and help you decide if Community Fibre is the right place for you to be your happiest and most successful self. From there, we will conduct a technical screen with one of our Engineers so you can show us your skills. Lastly, you will be invited onsite to interview with the CEO and understand what it is like to be an Engineer at Community Fibre and how you would work with the team on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on being transparent throughout the entire interview process with conversations around compensation, equity, the impact you will make here at Community Fibre.

    Tech stack

    JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, React, React Native, Redux, webpack, Node.JS, Express, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, AWS, Docker, TypeScript, Spring, NestJS