Simplifying higher education planning and attainment through near-peer mentorship and virtual guidance.

Founded 2013
16-50 employees
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    CollegeVine is looking for product-focused developers to help engineer the future of guidance, mentorship, and higher education attainment.

    The right applicants for our engineering roles care about the company mission and are discerning about engineering culture.

    First, our mission is to level the playing field of higher education attainment, regardless of socioeconomic status. To do this, we intend to make virtual guidance services available and affordable for all through a combination of near-peer mentorship and technology. As a member of the engineering team, your work will influence the entire next generation of high schoolers and college grads-to-be. We encourage all applicants to learn more at

    Second, we are looking for candidates who wish to join an engineering organization centered around autonomy, authenticity, excellence, and pragmatism. A few things to know about us:

    • We are a bunch of veteran polyglot FPers who work in Haskell and PureScript in addition to JS. If you've been playing around with Elm, Clojurescript, or Purescript on the side, imagine leveling up your career at a company where you work side-by-side with senior functional programmers all day. We're also expanding our team to include functionally-inclined Ruby on Rails and NodeJS developers who have ever wondered "is there a better way?"

    • Old-school ed-tech interfaces are not acceptable to us. Our software must impress and work for a wide audience since we serve students and their families. On any given day, your code will be run by high schoolers, college students, young professionals, guidance counselors, parents, and grandparents from all walks of life to achieve a real world result that will alter their life trajectory.

    • Expect autonomy in exchange for transparency and results. Since you are well-read, curious, and self-aware, we will treat you like the awesome, interesting adult that you are. We have core hours and a goal-based environment; we understand mindfulness and the value of deep focus (see benefits and perks).

    Tech stack

    haskell, servant, purescript, javascript, reactjs, postgresql, git, Ruby on Rails, R, AWS, Heroku


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