CoinTent is a digital wallet and subscription service that enables publishers to sell individual pieces of quality content (articles/videos) for micropayments (below $1).

  • Founded 2013
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • Enterprise Software

About CoinTent

CoinTent is a digital wallet and subscription service that enables you to purchase quality content (articles, videos, etc.) for micropayments (below $1.00) across sites with one account and one click.

Large content sites and publishers are struggling to monetize content online. Consumers do not want to subscribe to every site they visit to access quality content. Our offering provides a much needed revenue channel for publishers, supplementing revenue sources like advertising and subscriptions, and fits in with demonstrated consumer behavior for content consumption.

CoinTent is focused on simplicity for content consumers. Consumers logged in to a funded account can purchase content with one click. New consumers can create their account straight from a publisher's site and use their preferred pay method to fund it.

Our offering creates a strong network effect. New publishers drive more consumer wallets and brand awareness which lead to higher conversion rates for new publishers.

Our mission is to increase the creation, distribution, and sales of quality content. We believe creating the right offering that aligns content site and consumer needs will lead to more quality content being created and consumed. We are aiming big - we want to be the one account you need to purchase content across sites and are building a powerful network and user facing brand. We have the potential to help hundreds of thousands of content creators make great content while reaching hundreds of millions of consumers.

We are a small, dedicated team with experience executing and monetizing at scale on some of the world's largest social games. You'll be a core member of our team and will have a critical role in shaping our product, culture, and company.
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