Code Kingdoms

Building the world's largest platform to teach kids how to code.

  • Founded 2014
  • 1-15 Employees
  • 0-5 Engineers
  • Education

About Code Kingdoms

Code Kingdoms is an online platform which teaches kids how to code.

Used in 50+ countries, we have over one million kids using our coding technology.

The company has raised over $3 million in venture capital. Our educational partners include the BBC, Minecraft & Roblox.

We've designed the most effective coding environment alongside complementary content to enhance children's learning in Computing. Primarily, we want to ensure kids are building real software applications where our technology guides from the very first steps of programming. We start with drag-and-drop code, representing real languages such as Java, Lua and JavaScript, before transitioning into text-based programming professional engineers use.

In partnership with the BBC, we extended our reach to every secondary school in the UK in early 2016. Our most popular consumer products allows children to program Minecraft and Roblox, allowing players to create their own games in a little as 5 minutes.

Our education outreach team serves a global network of technology camps and schools bringing our platform to traditional educational settings. In conjunction with the most prestigious educators, we offer inspirational classroom experiences which translate to students continuing to learn with us at home.

Role responsibilities

  • Build - you will create advanced web applications and backend server software using JavaScript isomorphically.

  • Scale - your code will be a core part of scaling our platform to handle huge customer demand efficiently.

  • Measure - you’ll analyse data on product performance to improve user experience both in design and reliability.

  • Plan - you’ll collaborate with people across different roles and knowledge areas to plan feature sprints.

  • Optimise - the whole development team continually optimise the architecture and automate processes so we can concentrate on building great products.

Who you are

  • Self-starter - you are keen to accelerate your career by rapidly improving your abilities in an evolving startup environment.

  • Technical Aptitude - you relish technical challenges and have a good working knowledge of core computing concepts such as data structures, programming language engineering, databases and networking.

  • Experience - you have a track record of creating successful software projects.

  • Standards - you appreciate the importance of good software development practices such as version control, DRY, and developing automated tests.

  • Ownership - you’re comfortable taking responsibility for important areas of the business.

  • Creative - you’re the kind of person who loves formulating new ideas and turning them into features loved by our users.
    How you’ll build with us

Our founders are developers and the company has been built around strong technology.

We work in a beautiful office space built in 1885
Code Kingdoms - We work in a beautiful office space built in 1885
Code Kingdoms -
Code Kingdoms -
As a team we went to LA for Minecon 2016.
Code Kingdoms - As a team we went to LA for Minecon 2016.
Code Kingdoms -
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Tech Stack
  • AWS
  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • ReactJS

  • We are proud to offer stock options to each of our employees. As founders we want our colleagues to have the same vision and incentives as we do
  • Develop your career through training and classes with access to our professional coach
  • Surrounded by a supportive team - We believe no superficial perk can ever match working with great people. You'll be surrounded by a team who are excited about our work because we've got great colleagues to work with each day
  • Growth potential - as the company grows so will you. We care about our team’s personal development and regard these goals alongside our business ones

  • Retirement/401K Plan Retirement/401K Plan

  • Inital Capital
  • Blenheim Chalcot
  • Entrepreneur First

  • Inital Capital
  • Blenheim Chalcot
  • Entrepreneur First