Coalfire Systems Inc.

CyberSecurity in the forms of Penetration Testing, PCI Compliance, IT Audit, Risk Governance and Analysis

Founded 2001
201-500 employees
  • Research, Management, & Consulting
  • Headquarters address
    11000 Westmoor Cir, Westminster, CO 80021, USA

    We are a group of technology professionals that started in 2001 with a simple idea – cyber threats are increasing, compliance mandates are getting more complicated, and a well-designed cyber risk management program is your best line of defense. We’ve been rethinking risk management and compliance ever since.

    Coalfire helps organizations comply with global financial, government, industry and healthcare mandates while helping build the IT infrastructure and security systems that will protect their business from security breaches and data theft. The company is a leading provider of IT advisory services for security in retail, payments, healthcare, financial services, higher education, hospitality, government and utilities.

    Coalfire professionals use a combination of IT experience, expertise and intelligence to independently audit and evaluate your entire IT infrastructure to determine what your actual risks are, help you understand how to protect your business assets, and what resources you need to quickly identify and respond to security threats.

    Coalfire Systems Inc. - Company Photo