Bespoke Software Solutions For The Globally Ambitious.We build bespoke AI, IOT and software solutions.

Founded 2018
1-15 employees
Headquarters address
London, UK


CKX's journey has been very organic. After the founder exited his previous startup he was approached by another founder to build their tech offering. Beating all records to get the new product built, pen tested and into the sales cycle of some of the UK's largest financial institutions another client started knocking on the door. Some discussions later CKX had it's second client, discussions because this wasn't meant to be a company.

Some rave reviews later and an award by the USA Federal Government (International Visitor Leadership Program) CKX became an official thing.

CKX has gained a reputation on being agile, creative and dependable when delivering green field projects. It has a wonderful spread of clients from Startups in London to Corprates in Singapore and an SME in Denmark amongst others. We specialise in serverless technology and end to end AI projects (AI models and the serverless software around it).

An example project

Agribot aims to leverage AI to help growers detect diseases developing in their crop earlier than a human could. This is critical as the earlier they spot something the less chance there is that they will have to abandon the grow.
We use AWS serverless architecture (Lambda, API Gateway, Cloud Front, S3 etc) to host the React app, our own Neural Network Model (although we also use AWS Rekognition in places, why reinvent the wheel) and event based micro-systems to help us gather data which is used to improve the AI models.
Check out the publicly available POC. There is an easter egg (hint: it is an image recognition system, think Silicon Valley and Jian Yang)

How we work

As it stands we all work remotely, some from South America, we are very flexible. If it suits we may take on an office in London but only if it improves our lives :-) The company is entirely techs so we have a very relaxed and friendly workflow and absolutely have no plans to introduce timesheets!!

Where we work from

We have dev teams in South America, London and in the process of opening an office in Eastern Europe (TBC on exactly where, probably somewhere nice to visit like Greece) and in SouthEast Asia.

It's a new company with a solid foundation and growing fast. We hope you come and join us on the journey :-)

Tech stack

AWS, Serverless, React, Node.JS, GraphQL, Artificial Intelligence


Compensation and retirement

Stock Options

Vacation and time off

Unlimited time off
Flexible working hours
Work from home flexibility