Civis Analytics

At Civis, we take a science-first approach to solving business problems using person-level data.

Founded 2013
51-200 employees
  • Information Systems
  • Analytics & Business Information
  • Headquarters address
    Loop, Chicago, IL United States
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    Civis Analytics

    About Us

    Civis Analytics is solving the world's biggest problems with big data. We create technologies that empower organizations to unlock the truth hiding in their own data—transforming them into smart organizations that are ready to thrive. We build cloud-based products to help organizations do data science better and easier.

    While our history is rooted in political campaign targeting, we’re now partnering with intelligent organizations in healthcare, media, education, and a range of other domains.

    Our Team

    Our incredible team of engineers, statisticians, researchers, and solution seekers come from all over the world with diverse backgrounds in Fortune 500 companies, international non-profits, ivy league academia, and even actual rocket science. We are smart, fun, and a little bit weird. Does this sound like you?

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to bring objective, data-driven truth to organizational decision-making – all the way from the boardroom to the world’s largest social causes.

    The Civis Principles:

    1. First, and most importantly, we seek truth through scientific rigor.
      The scientific method is at the core of everything we do. That’s because, after more than 700 years, it’s still the best process for determining truth. And our customers trust us and our technology because truth is the new anchor of good business.

    2. We tell the truth, and we admit when we’re wrong.
      We call it out with candor, empathy, and the license to be disproven – even when it’s awkward. We’d rather be fired than lie or obfuscate.

    3. And we build products that deliver useful truth.
      Scientific insight on its own is great. Usefulness on its own is easily replaceable. Impactful data science is the combination of both. Consider this our golden rule: Customer Impact = Unique Insight * Usefulness.

    4. We trust each other to self-start.
      We’re solving some of the toughest and most fascinating problems facing organizations today. We prize the best ideas, no matter where they come from. And we expect and help each other to hit the ground running from Day One.

    5. That said, we execute in multi-disciplinary teams.
      We believe that good data science rests on three disciplines: creative problem-solving, excellent engineering and cutting-edge methods. Leave one out and it all falls down. Put them together and it’s the basis for all good work.

    6. Therefore, no a**holes.
      No explanation required.

    7. There are no closed doors here.
      Walk into one of our offices, and you’ll notice there aren’t any…offices. And there never will be. That’s because every component of our company is designed to produce the most excellent work. That requires collaboration and minimal hierarchy.

    8. We never compromise on quality.
      Prepare the facts, form a point of view, invite skepticism, execute, measure…and get better over time. It’s the proven basis of excellence — from the work we do to the people we hire.

    9. We do the right thing, even when it costs us money.
      Data science is powerful: it can be used for good or bad. We’ll often pursue powerful social good work at a loss, and we’ll responsibly decline work that does wrong, even if it’s lucrative.

    10. And, finally, we’ll always stay weird and have fun.
      We embrace the full person, but the only thing that really matters at this company is the gray matter between your ears. Come as you are, as weird as that may be.

    Tech stack

    Python, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Flask, Bash, React, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, AWS, EC2, R, Go, S3, TypeScript, Java, Git


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