Cityblock Health

We are healthcare + tech company building a new model of care that improves outcomes for underserved urban communities across their medical, social and behavioral needs.

Founded 2017
201-500 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
  • Headquarters address
    55 Water Street, Unit 4C

    At Cityblock Health, our mission is to radically improve the health of urban communities, block by block. We integrate services to address physical, behavioral, and social needs together, delivered at community hubs and through field-based care teams to make healthcare more accessible, supportive and goal-driven for the people who need it most.

    We created Cityblock with the simple idea that cities should be healthy places to live -- for everyone. Three trends motivated us: First, underserved populations living in our biggest cities have continued to have disproportionately poor health outcomes, with interventions coming much later and at a significantly higher cost than for other populations. Second, nearly all innovation efforts have been focused on people with means, despite urgent need in underserved lower-income communities. And finally, the business of healthcare has become increasingly transactional, leaving little room for meaningful relationships between patients and clinicians, driving increased dissatisfaction among both. We set out to challenge this status quo.

    Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company focused on accelerating urban innovation, served as the magnet that brought together our team, drawing founding leaders from Commonwealth Care Alliance—an internationally-renowned organization that provides care for people with highly complex health needs—and technologists from Google, alongside team members from places like CareMore, Mount Sinai Health System, Alignment Healthcare, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Oscar Health, Thrive Capital, Evolent Health, Flatiron School and more. We share the conviction that inequity in health is both unacceptable and solvable. Together, we are re-imagining the future of community health in cities, with a goal of driving health system change at scale.

    In July 2018, Cityblock launched its first Neighborhood Hub in Brooklyn, NY in partnership with EmblemHealth.


    We have big dreams. We aim to change the health of whole communities. But we recognize that what’s happening in every neighborhood we serve is unique and plays a huge role in determining the health of people who live there. So we customize our approach to specific local needs. We want to radically improve health, block by block.

    Care is fragmented, yet health depends on connection. We not only provide coordinated care teams, but we also make sure our teams are communicating with local service providers, like housing and unemployment, so no aspect of health falls through the cracks.

    Health happens at home, and in communities. Through our Neighborhood Hubs, our technology, and our flexible care model, we bring care to you, not the other way around.

    Each neighborhood is different. Based on where there are needs and opportunities, we get creative and figure out how to meet them either ourselves or working with new partners.

    Tech stack

    Typescript, Node, Graphql, React, Scala, Scio, Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery, Ruby, Elixir


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