Cinch Financial

Cinch is building a comprehensive personal finance intelligence platform.

Founded 2012
16-50 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    24 School Street, Boston, MA 02108, USA

    Cinch is a Boston-based company building a comprehensive personal finance intelligence platform. Our investment thesis is that properly designed software will continuously optimize what is now a very painful area for nearly every household, namely the bewildering world of financial decisions and product choices that consume the great majority of most households' budgets. We believe that in the very near future, every household will have a software-based fiduciary to optimize short- and long-term decisions. That is Cinch.

    Team Cinch is a very special collection of domain experts, data scientists, financial and statistical modelers, and enterprise software developers. Ours is a challenging problem requiring multiple disciplines and advisors, which include behavioral economics, machine learning specialists, and regulators (CFPB is our case). Together the team has constructed an enterprise system comprised of computational models, ML-based pricing engines, and rules-based algorithms working in tandem with a sophisticated profiling system and a fully comprehensive inventory of every available financial product and pricing engine which we have spent three years building. Internally, we define our collective purpose as a mission to "get to true".

    As a fiduciary, we cannot accept any revenue from product providers, as that would be in direct conflict with our purpose. We believe that increasing regulation (and skepticism from consumers) will negatively impact “free” credit monitoring and budgeting apps that use consumers’ highly personal financial information to optimize financial product advertising and lead generation. Because these applications do not solve the problem and are basically advertisers, we do not see them as direct competitors.

    Cinch’s user experience is designed to work with consumers in whichever way they work best. For some, it’s tackling multiple problems at once. For others, it’s starting slow and working up to bigger, higher impact changes. We eliminate the confusion and jargon around traditional financial planning and incorporate Cinch’s actionable guidance in a real-time, light touch way. Cinch’s technology fits into your lifestyle in much the same way as other tech – like Venmo, Uber, or Waze. We eliminate the burden of commitment that typically surrounds a face-to-face meeting with a financial advisor.

    Long term, Cinch will be the intelligence layer optimizing every financial decision and process based on what is best for the consumer – comprehensively. Whether it is a simple optimization like eliminating checking fees, or creating a whole new financial set up due to a move or life change, or the best way to finance a large, unforecasted purchase in real time, Cinch will continuously optimize the financial outcome for our customer. It will provide the peace-of-mind so desired by confused and overwhelmed consumers.

    Tech stack

    Coffeescript, Ember.js, Emblem (ember-specific templating language), Node.js, Git and Github, Heroku, MongoDB, Redis, Stylus (compiled stylesheets)


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    Cinch Financial - Company Photo
    Cinch Financial - Company Photo
    Cinch Financial - Company Photo
    Cinch Financial - Company Photo
    Cinch Financial - Company Photo