Real Estate Data Network

Founded 2016
16-50 employees
  • Real Estate & Property Management
  • Headquarters address
    New York, NY

    Cherre is a real estate data network. We are committed to empowering all stakeholders with an interconnected data-driven platform to execute more transactions. Our proprietary platform collects and resolves all public and private real-estate data in real-time, and provides unparalleled insight into asset value and viability. We are a dedicated group of real estate and technology professionals that understands the human and technology challenges that the real estate industry faces, and our platform makes powerful and valuable interactions ridiculously easy and enjoyable! We have raised capital from an amazing group of investors, including the founders of the one of the largest and fastest growing residential real estate firms in the world.

    Tech stack

    NodeJS, ExpressJS, Mongoose, MochaJS, Elastic Search, ReactJS, Redux, Webpack, MongoDB, Postgres, Google Compute, CircleCI, ngrok. Docker,