Carvana Co.

Founded 2013
5001+ employees
  • eCommerce
  • Automotive
  • Headquarters address
    1930 W. Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281

    While our HQ is located in Arizona, we also have engineering offices in the Bay Area (Redwood City & Berkeley), Atlanta, and our UI/UX team is based in Venice.


    If you like how Amazon revolutionized the way we shop online then you will LOVE what Carvana has done for the car buying experience. Buying a car the old fashioned way sucks and we are working hard to make it NOT suck. At Carvana, our customers can hop online to...

    • Search and browse our inventory of over 20,000 vehicles that we own and certify
    • Narrow down search results using highly intelligent filtering tools/components
    • View vehicle details, Carfax reports and 360 rotating studio images for every vehicle
    • Secure financing in minutes using Carvana‚Äôs in house service or their own bank
    • Interact with GUI components to easily customize loan length, down payment and monthly payment
    • Generate, upload and eSign all documents online (no ink necessary)
    • Schedule front door delivery or pick up at one of our vending machines
    • Trade in their existing vehicle or just sell it to Carvana (no purchase necessary)

    For more information on Carvana, take a look at us here:


    Tech stack

    C#, ASP.NET Core, Scala, Python, JavaScript, React, Redux, GraphQL, Node.JS, Microservices, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin


    Carvana Co. - The members of our calm and shy C-suite during our Olympics kickoff (yes, we had an entire internal Olympics).
    Carvana Co. - We deliver your car to your door!
    Carvana Co. - The People Ops team - as shown in this picture - preps fruit and waffles for everyone for Wacky Pants and Waffles Wednesdays.  Then the next morning brings ridiculous pants and a delicious smell to the office.
    Carvana Co. - Some of our Software Engineers (and one Director) at the Ascend Phoenix recruiting event.
    Carvana Co. - Pickleball is huge here!
    Carvana Co. - Shenanigans in our private poker room.
    Carvana Co. - Our second floor break room.
    Carvana Co. - Our newest vending machine in Orlando!