Streamlining logistics

Founded 2014
1-15 employees
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Headquarters address
    Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia

    CartonCloud was originally developed to save a medium sized refrigerated transport and warehousing company based in Moorebank, Sydney, from bankruptcy.

    The two owners in their early 20s, Vincent Fletcher and Nic Comrie misguidedly purchased the faltering business in July 2012. Within months of take-over, the company was in serious financial trouble and mere weeks away from running completely out of cash. This was primarily due to major revenue leakage and delays in invoicing, paper PODs being lost, and extremely high admin/operation costs associated with the manual processing of everything.

    After thoroughly searching for suitable transport management software to automate many of these processes, particularly automated manifest import, electronic POD capture, and automated invoicing, the two young owners found that nothing available on the market fulfilled all of these requirements. It seemed the only transport management systems available was based on old, desktop-computing technology. Ugly and clunky with no mobile applications and no form of automation. Plus, the vendors wanted $50k+ to get setup, money that simply wasn’t available.

    So, with Vincent being a software engineer, they began developing their own transport management system and warehouse management system- designed specifically with automation in mind, leveraging the advantages of cloud computing for ease of access, and mobile phones for inexpensive electronic proof of deliveries capture.

    2 years later, the freight company which had nearly closed its doors, had been completely turned around through automation into a well-run machine. It was then sold to new owners.

    Nic and Vincent, wanting to continue with their real passion, the software, then relocated to the Gold Coast and began building the team we have today.

    18 months on, CartonCloud is now in use by over 50 carriers and warehouses across Australia and New Zealand. CartonCloud processes around 120,000 deliveries each month, and invoices over $8 million dollars of freight each month. The company is rapidly growing in staff and clients as more and more businesses make the transition to the cloud, and look for more affordable, easy-to-use and automated software for their businesses.

    Tech stack

    PHP, Javascript, mySQL, CakePHP, Bootstrap, Objective-C, React Native, Java, SQLite, AWS
    CARTONCLOUD PTY LTD - Team CartonCloud hitting the beach
    CARTONCLOUD PTY LTD - CEO Vincent pitching at River City Labs
    CARTONCLOUD PTY LTD - Tuesday Lunch