Our goal is to do all the hard work for students so they can focus on learning, exploring, and having an amazing adventure at internships abroad

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Who we are

Strong Experiences Create Strong Individuals
CareerUp is one of the top intern abroad programs in the world. With offices in San Francisco, Montreal, Manila, and Singapore, we have connected talented students and young professionals with world-class internships abroad since 2013. Numerous studies have shown that internship experience is more important for career success than college reputation, GPA, or coursework completed. We connect our candidates with their best possible internships by placing them into the world’s fastest-growing economies. Our programs have launched hundreds of successful careers and built lasting connections within the international community.

How it works

  1. Candidates Apply
  2. Candidates review internship offers
  3. Secure a dream internship position abroad!

Our Stats

135,000+ internship hours
1,000+ interns
300+ partner companies