Capterra helps thousands of businesses & nonprofits find the software that will allow them to improve, grow and succeed.

About Capterra

We believe that the software industry makes the world a better place. Using our site, organizations of all kinds find software that helps them accomplish their goals and better serve their customers.

Freedom: At Capterra, we allow each other the freedom to work how and when we work best. Schedules are flexible, and so is our dress code.

Collaboration: Our team is strong, and that comes from the way we do things. There are no closed doors or cubicles — just an open office that fosters communication between teams.

Friendliness: Who wants to work with a bunch of grumps? Capterrans are a happy bunch who like to do things together at work and outside of the office. Ultimate frisbee anyone?

Urgency: It’s all about results. And those almost always stem from hard work. Cargo shorts and a smile don’t mean we’re laid back. We have clear goals and are always working hard to achieve them.

Purpose: We help businesses and organizations find the right solutions to help them succeed. It’s what drives us every day.

Is this a mission and culture that you can be passionate about? While we think Capterra is a really cool company to work for, this is the most fundamental question to answer before signing on. If you can’t get passionate about our mission and culture, then we’re probably not the place for you. (We think that you will be hard-pressed to find a better work environment :) )