Cambridge Cancer Genomics

Transforming the way cancer patients are treated through next generation liquid biopsy, AI & smart genomics.

Founded 2017
1-15 employees
  • Biotechnology & Chemical Products
  • Headquarters address
    Future Business Centre, King Hedges Road

    Cambridge Cancer Genomics was founded by PhD's with a genomics and cancer research background and advised by clinicians and business experts worldwide. CCG is now backed by venture capital, with an award-winning history and international recognition from prestigious programs including Y Combinator!

    We are transforming the way cancer patients are treated, through next generation liquid biopsies, AI and smart genomics. Using simple blood samples, CCG shortens the time required to know whether treatment is working, giving the clinician more time to alter ineffective treatments and reduce unnecessary side effects. Currently, cancer patients may wait 6 months to know whether their chemotherapy is working. In the interim, these patients suffer the side effects. CCG uses AI and smart genomics to analyse circulating tumour DNA in a cancer patients blood and feedback to clinicians every 2 weeks on therapy effectiveness.

    We are expanding our technical team in Cambridge, UK, offering a fantastic opportunity for dedicated data scientists and machine learning researchers who are comfortable in a high-work high-reward environment, and who are enthusiastic for a dynamic and varied role. We are looking for people who fit well into our team and company culture, and who like to overcome challenges and drive the business forward.

    We are based in a co-working office by Cambridge (UK) train station with other exciting Cambridge based start-ups using AI to improve healthcare. Meet the founding team...

    John Cassidy, CEO. John has a background in cancer research in both academia (Cancer Research UK, University of Glasgow, and University of Cambridge) and pharma (MedImmune). His PhD focused on understanding how tumours become resistant to therapy. John's favourite animal is an otter.

    Harry Clifford, Chief Technical Officer. Harry leads the development of CCG’s AI tech, cloud architecture, and tumor analysis pipelines. He has a background in cancer bioinformatics, completing his PhD at Oxford University and first postdoc at Cambridge University with Cancer Research UK. He also brings corporate experience in identifying and developing biomarker-based medical diagnostics. Harry is a big advocate for the London of the North (Leeds).

    Nirmesh Patel, Chief Scientific Officer. Nirmesh has a background in translational cancer medicine from his PhD at King’s College London, where he helped progress a breast cancer therapy towards clinical trials. He sits at the interface between CCG and our clinical partners around the world. Nirmesh is a Belieber.

    Evaline Tsai, Chief Product Officer. Evaline leads device and platform development, focusing on the design and implementation of biosensors for point of care cancer monitoring. Prior to co-founding CCG, she gained corporate experience in the petrochemical industry as a process engineer at ExxonMobil. Evaline has a BSE in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Princeton University. Evaline loves her new smart shoes.

    Emil Hewage. Advisor. Emil is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Alchera Technologies with an academic background as a PhD researcher in computational neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. He has extensive knowledge in developing and marketing medical devices and has held roles in finance and numerous technology startups. Emil's favourite type of chair is a swivel chair.

    Our employees so far...

    Hannah Thompson, Chief of Staff. Hannah is a translational cancer biologist. She has a pharmacology masters degree which included a year of drug discovery with MedImmune and a PhD on the link between type 2 diabetes and large bowel cancer. Hannah is passionate about transforming clinical cancer care and will be using her cancer expertise to help us deliver our product. Hannah does stand-up comedy in her spare time.

    Tech stack

    Python, R, AWS
    Cambridge Cancer Genomics - Networking in Singapore! 
Michael Siebel, Hannah (our Chief of Staff), Founders Evaline and Harry and Robert Yap (a good friend of ours in Singapore).
    Cambridge Cancer Genomics - Founders Nirmesh, Evaline, John and Harry after their successful Y Combinator interview!