Save time managing your social media: Schedule, publish and analyze all your posts in one place

Founded 2010
51-200 employees
  • Social Networking
  • Headquarters address
    Paris, France

    What is Buffer?

    We're a team of 85 people working to make people's lives easier on social media. Buffer provides tools to help individuals, businesses and publishers build an audience online and engage with followers as effectively as possible.

    Buffer was started in 2010 as a simple way to schedule posts on Twitter. Today we're honored to be the tool that more than 3 million amazing customers use to easily manage their social media presence.

    Where will I work?

    You will work in the place that makes you happy, that inspires you daily, and helps you to become the person that you wish to be. You will work daily with team members scattered around the world and across time zones to build a better culture and product.

    How does work happen at Buffer?

    At Buffer, we’ve experimented with new elements of work: titles and no titles, managers and no managers, office and no office. We don’t work on a fixed schedule or from a fixed location. In particular, in 2015 we experimented with a new organizational structure that eliminated the need for managers, bosses and formal hierarchy. Since then, our journey hasn’t been a straight path. In fact, sometimes it looks more like a circle, pointing us back to where we’ve been and helping us recognize it in a new light.

    Some key elements that had changed over the course of the experiment included elements of structure, leadership and mentorship. After learning a great deal, we’ve brought back coaching and mentorship and we’re more metrics-focused than we’ve ever been before. One big element we kept is the concept of wholeness. This is the belief that we should be not only allowed but encouraged to bring our full self to work, including our passions and strengths, flaws and vulnerabilities.

    What is the Buffer team like?

    What kind of people work at Buffer? All kinds!

    Buffer is an equal opportunity employer that has the awesome opportunity to add teammates from anywhere in the world! We're united by Buffer's values, and we celebrate our unique differences.

    We're excited about diversity and inclusivity—we hire talented teammates from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, and we're committed to a work environment of respect and kindness.


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