Democratizing professional learning - Mapping the Knowledge Graph in order to maximise human potential.

Founded 2011
1-15 employees
  • Education
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    188 King Street, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA
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    We are on a mission to create an alternative model of education though peer-to-peer knowledge sharing communities.

    Lucian's (founder) father was one of the early pioneers in vocational education since 1964. Lucian now runs the vocational education training charity (see his father started. Lucian wanted to scale the delivery of community based learning online and started BraveNewTalent with the mission to Democratize Professional Learning. The approach to knowledge sharing communities has a phenomenal opportunity for companies to bridge the skills gap.

    We are now cash flow positive and getting ready to raise our next VC round. Our customers include the likes of Lockheed Martin (who are inviting 1.2 million US veterans into their community to help them successfully transition from the military into civilian jobs), Manpower and Corporate Executive Board.

    1. Humble Audacity: we are on a mission to change how the world learns but we are humble in our quest
    2. Empowerment: Every team member should be empowered to reach their professional potential and be accountable in doing so
    3. Delight: Great is not good enough. We want to wow our members and customers with our products and services
    4. Fail Forwards: We have and will continue to make mistakes and embrace failure as long as we learn from it. We are always changing
    5. Inspire Lifelong Learning: We value intellectual curiosity and ask: What did you learn today? What did you teach today?

    Tech stack

    Python, Django, Javascript, Angular, Rackspace Cloud See job spec here:


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    Values and quality of life

    Catered meals
    BraveNewTalent - Awesome office and community - check out - central SOMA.  Great bars and restaurants for beers and team lunch everyday!
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