Book of the Month

Book of the Month, a powerful brand with 90 years of history, is a subscription ecommerce service that offers readers a fun, convenient and affordable way to discover and buy new books.

Founded 1926
51-200 employees
  • eCommerce
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    34 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001, USA

    About BOTM

    In late 2015, we relaunched Book of the Month, a powerful brand with 90 years of history, as a monthly subscription e-commerce service that provides avid readers with a with fun, convenient, and affordable way to discover and buy new books each month. We have been growing rapidly since the relaunch. Check out our instagram @bookofthemonthclub to see us in action.

    About Our Team

    We are a diverse team of marketers, product managers, engineers, designers, editors, content creators, and more -- but most importantly we all share a love for the important role books and reading play in our lives and our culture. Our HQ team works out of our office in the Flatiron neighborhood in NYC and our fulfillment team operates our warehouses in Hanover, PA and (coming soon) Las Vegas, NV. We are ~40 team members deep and growing!

    About Our Books

    If you’re an avid reader, one thing is for certain: if you only shop the “bestseller” lists, you’re going to miss many of the best stories. That’s why we work hard to bring our members the gems: well-written, immersive stories that transport you, give you thrills, and tug at your heartstrings. The books that are truly worth reading.

    About our technology

    We've built a next-generation eCommerce platform on React/Node/ES6/WebPack (and nothing else, fight package bloat!) We've drank the ES6 kool-aid and have a streamlined and functional code style, so any background in Lisp/Haskell/Scala/Clojure or academic approach will serve you well here (though definitely not required, we've all had to learn!) Finally, it really is JavaScript all the way down, but for the heavy lifting we leverage some powerful AWS & 3rd party services, so if you haven't been exposed to DevOps tasks in your daily work before, you will here.

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    Book of the Month - BOTM Editorial Director Maris and Judge Liberty at the Brooklyn Book Festival sporting their totes.
    Book of the Month - Celebrating some May birthdays in the office!
    Book of the Month - Our in-house customer service team is awesome.
    Book of the Month - The team grabs lunch at Sweetgreen and decides which brutal equinox class to go to after work.
    Book of the Month - Having some summer fun on the office rooftop.
    Book of the Month - BOTM Sponsoring the NYPL Young Fiction Award
    Book of the Month - Ellie Kemper (pka "Kimmy Schmidt") selected The Nest -- one of our most popular selections of all time.
    Book of the Month - Craig Ferguson in the office talking about his Live Free or Die tattoo and his BOTM Selection -- The Moore's Account.
    Book of the Month - More member insta favs.
    Book of the Month - Member instas of all our hard work.
    Book of the Month - Full-stack Engineer Bianca coding up an email refresh on her new computing rig.