Board Intelligence

Board Intelligence are the global leaders in board reporting. We build industry leading digital solutions that revolutionise the way boards are informed and communicate.

Founded 2002
16-50 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    5 Saint James's Place, St. James's, London SW1A, UK

    Our roots.

    We have, for more than a decade, specialised in unlocking the potential of boards and management committees by developing clear, concise and strategic briefing packs that stimulate a focused and productive conversation in the boardroom. Our expertise in this field has been developed through working with diverse companies from SME clients through to the FTSE 100, rising to our challenge of seeing what matters and equipping the right people with the right data at the right time.

    We built our software tools as a means to solve the real-life problems that companies deal with on a day to day basis; how to securely and simply distributing information; how to compile the right information quickly and easily; how to know what the right information even is. Every step of the way they have been conceived, designed and executed in conjunction with our clients - the real world users who have provided us invaluable feedback and insight, allowing us to build the right products to help companies face the challenges of tomorrow.

    Our ethos

    We believe in:
    - Building the best solutions possible
    - Working in an agile and flexible way
    - Rejecting technical debt as a price not worth paying for short term success
    - Testing, systematically, effectively and most of all pragmatically
    - Peer reviewing all code as part of our lifecycle

    We prize:
    - Engineering excellence and innovative thinking
    - Taking brave decisions to build the perfect product
    - Passion for learning and desire to develop skills and experiences - not only limited to software

    Tech stack

    Rails, iOS, Go, Lua, PostgreSQL, Custom PaaS


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