Bluesmart is The World's First Smart, Connected Luggage.

Founded 2013
16-50 employees
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure, Travel, & Hospitality
  • Headquarters address
    729 Minna St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
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    Bluesmart (YC W15) created the world's first smart connected luggage.

    The company gathered over $3M in pre-orders on its crowdfunding launch campaign and received accolades from experts and the media worldwide.

    The Bluesmart Carry-on features location tracking, battery charger, remote locking, weight sensors, distance sensors and travel reports via the app.

    Forbes Magazine awarded it among their "Most Innovative Products of 2014" and FastCompany as "Best Travel Gear of the Year".

    The company's mission is to empower travelers, making the world a smarter and more connected place.

    Tech stack

    iOS, Android, Java, AWS