Activision - Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard's main drive is create the most epic gaming experiences ever!

Founded 1994
1501-5000 employees
  • Casinos & Gaming
  • Headquarters address
    16215 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92618, USA
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    Making Diablo, StarCraft, Warcraft and more gets us up in the morning. We were gamers before we started at Blizzard, and we've transformed our enthusiasm into our careers. Hard work, iteration and polish go into the Blizzard “secret recipe,” but the most important ingredients are our people and their passion.

    Say yes. Our co-workers look to us to solve problems, realize a shared vision, and discuss alternatives when we can’t deliver exactly what they’re looking for. When an idea is good, we suggest ways to make it even better.
    Focus on the user—our co-workers and players. After we identify what matters to them, it’s important that we keep those needs in mind from start to finish on a project. Our solutions need to be fast, efficient and flexible, but they also need to be delivered in the way our users want.
    Communicate and collaborate constantly, sharing code, algorithms, research, and ideas to move Blizzard forward. As we work with our teammates towards a superior end result, we keep everybody on the same page, and remain professional, humble, civil and direct throughout.
    Keep it simple. We code every system with a clear purpose in mind, and we aim to keep them as simple as possible (and no simpler). We don’t create new solutions when appropriate ones already exist.
    Always plan for iteration. The sooner we expose problems, the quicker we’ll develop robust solutions. We expect change, and keep our code flexible and versatile. We prove concepts out with rough drafts before moving on to maintainable solutions.


    Blizzard command centers can spring up anywhere on the planet, but we’re not out for world domination. Our offices are near great landmarks, fun play-spaces and cool attractions for everyone: families, bachelors and bachelorettes, young and the young at heart. We've built our bases in locations where you’ll want to live as well as work, and we've packed them with top-notch perks.

    Tech stack

    Java, C++


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    401k plan

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