Omni-channel marketing for ecommerce businesses.

Founded 2013
1-15 employees
  • eCommerce
  • Headquarters address
    Mission St & 2nd St, San Francisco, CA 94105, USA

    What we do

    Bizzy is omni-channel marketing for ecommerce businesses. The average ecommerce shop manages 11 email lists, 7 social channels, and 3 ad networks. This fragmented market is creating a coordination problem that is getting worse as new marketing tools and channels continue to emerge. Bizzy’s solution creates cross-channel marketing content for ecommerce shops, and delivers that content to the optimal channel for each customer. Bizzy’s successful pilot delivered a 35% revenue boost to ecommerce shops selling everything from industrial floor tape to vintage clothing to juice cleanses. Business switched from InfusionSoft and 5+ other competitors, with Bizzy performing up to 12x better comparatively.

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    Upcoming technical challenges

    We have several challenging product features coming up across our AngularJS/Python (Flask) stack. Our biggest technical challenges are related to data science, scalability / performance. They fall into 3 buckets:

    1. Smart customer segmentation: We have a simple customer segmentation algorithm that supports our marketing campaigns. This system will become significantly more sophisticated.
    2. Marketing channel optimization: Currently we offer email marketing to the businesses we serve. We are planning to roll out and optimize across multiple social and ad platforms as well.
    3. Marketing budget and campaign recommendations: Depending on your assessment, we may want to build ML abstractions for our marketing campaign recommendations (i.e., what to say to each customer, when, and via what channel) and budget management (i.e., portfolio theory to help business owners automatically allocate their marketing capital across multiple channels).

    Founding Team

    Founders: Jennifer Kessler studied at the University of Pennsylvania and her background is in math and cognitive neuroscience. Chiara McPhee studied at Duke University and her background is in marketing and UI design. They met at the Stanford GSB.

    Team: We are looking for smart people who have a healthy disregard for the status quo and love turning complex challenges into simple solutions. If you fit that profile, we'd love to talk to you. We are currently a team of 3, and we are looking to expand to 5-6 people in the next month.

    Our values: Being organized is important to us. It allows everyone to have a voice and be on the same page. We strongly believe in setting clear expectations - giving everyone the opportunity to exceed them. Being able to effectively prioritize tasks and quickly switch gears is also crucial to the success of a start up. We encourage everyone on our team to "think like a CEO" when making decisions and always put customers first.

    Jen Kessler
    Chiara McPhee


    We were a part of YCombinator's S'15 batch and are seed-funded by 3 top firms. We are excited to expand our team here in San Francisco!

    Tech stack

    Javascript, Angular.js, Python, PostgreSQL, Firebase, AWS


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    SendGrid - We work out of WeWork - unlimited beer and coffee :).