We make it easy for companies to build, manage, and measure in-person events using smart templates and machine learning.

Founded 2016
1-15 employees
  • Enterprise Software
  • Headquarters address
    1350 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, USA

    What We Do
    How do you turn business connections into long-lasting relationships?
    How do you create a great culture with increasingly remote and distributed teams?
    How do you convert your lead pipeline after you've exhausted email and phone?
    How do you inspire productive collaborations?

    With intimate face-to-face experiences. The kind you never forget.

    Bizly is the only enterprise software that helps companies easily build objective-driven experiences around their team, customers, and community. With Bizly, companies can scalably and measurably build authentic relationships across their organization and the world at large.

    At Bizly, our mission is to keep relationships at the center of business.

    How We Interview & Hire
    Our interview process begins with an introductory call to help you better understand the opportunity, give us a glimpse into your interests and motivations, and help you decide if Bizly is the right place for you to be your happiest and most successful self. From there, we will conduct a technical screen with one of our Engineers so you can show us your skills (either remote or onsite).. Lastly, you will be invited onsite to interview with an interview panel from our product/engineering group. Our onsite interview is designed to assess for a broad range of skills so that we can gain a holistic understanding of what you bring to the team and where you shine. For our Engineering candidates, our onsite interview includes a technical round, as well as "real-talk" conversations and how you would work with the team on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on being transparent throughout the entire interview process with conversations around compensation, equity, the impact you will make here at Bizly.

    Tech stack

    React, Node, PHP Laravel, AWS, Docker, Webpack, Babel,


    Health and wellness

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