Biome Analytics

Biome provides physicians and hospitals with clinical insight to decrease the cost while increasing the quality of cardiovascular care.

16-50 employees
  • Health Care Technology & Nursing
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    1 Harbor Drive

    Three years ago our team of data scientists and clinical experts came together with shared view that (1) clinician engagement, is required, first and foremost, to successfully transition to “value-based” care, (2) clinicians innately strive to deliver the best possible care – which is usually the lowest cost care and (3) they self-optimize when they receive performance insight they trust.
    With this common view, we created Biome and set out to develop clinical performance applications that engage clinicians with trusted insight, align them with administration around relevant measures goals, and collaborate to deliver the best possible care.
    Today, our clients leverage their data and our solutions to uncover unseen opportunities, optimize the value they deliver, and achieve the evidence-based outcomes they want the market they want it to hear.


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