Big Sofa

Using video data for deeper human insight.

Founded 2012
16-50 employees
  • Information Systems
  • Headquarters address
    Unit 106, Metal Box Factory | 30 Great Guildford Street London | SE1 0HS

    Big Sofa is a tech start-up that’s grown out of an insight consultancy. We help organisations make sense of an ever increasing flood of images and video by creating bespoke spaces in our powerful online platform to help them capture, organise and search media; and through using our insight and consulting skills to help them analyse, make sense of it and generate meaning. Combined, we enable deeper consumer understanding, better collaboration and innovation in organisations.

    We’re small but ambitious – we’re already working with some of the biggest agencies in the consumer intelligence sector and multinational clients. It’s a fast paced, flexible environment where no two projects are the same – and where intelligence, curiosity and creativity are fundamental parts of how we work. We’re agile and open to ideas; and everyone who works for us has a role in shaping the company’s future as we grow.

    Tech stack

    Ruby, Rails, NodeJS, React, HTML, CSS
    Big Sofa - Company Photo
    Big Sofa - We like Christmas, and each other.
    Big Sofa - Company Photo
    Big Sofa - Company Photo
    Big Sofa - And birthday burgers
    Big Sofa - Company Photo