BetterUp’s mission is to help every leader pursue their lives with clarity, purpose, and passion.

Founded 2013
51-200 employees
  • Human Resources & Careers
  • Education
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    1200 folsom street san francisco

    Why We Exist

    We built BetterUp to help professionals pursue their lives with clarity, purpose, and passion.

    Today, people spend more time at work than ever before, making work an increasingly important part of our lives. But the world of work is changing. On the one hand, stress, anxiety, and depression are soaring to unprecedented levels as more Millennials enter the workforce--the generation that most struggles with managing stress and anxiety. On the other hand, top performers are struggling to realize their full potential in an environment of constant change. The half-life of most business skills is under five years which means that learning is no longer a luxury--it's a basic need of survival in the modern workplace.

    BetterUp is the first mobile platform that provides personalized coaching to help you master the skills that improve personal excellence and professional performance. We like to think of it as “executive coaching for everyone.” The app provides 1-on-1 coaching and bite-sized learning to build personal and professional skills like managing stress, increasing concentration, engaging with peers, and honing your competitive advantage. In this new world of work, people are seeking coaching that's proven, affordable, and optimized for their busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

    But this is just the start. Help us combine cutting-edge experience and interaction design with behavioral sciences to craft transformational experiences that change lives for the better.

    Company Values

    Our reliance on values to provide an energizing and invigorating experience goes beyond the product and defines our people, culture and the way our company interacts with our clients. We are looking for people who have a fierce commitment to excel in the pursuit of magnanimous goals. We hold these values to be of paramount importance and central to how we create value for our customers, employees, and society.

    If these sounds like values you care about then BetterUp might be a great place for you to work!

    • Courage. Dare often and greatly.
    • Craftsmanship. Our work ennobles us.
    • Playfulness. The best ideas come from a happy heart.
    • Empathy. Innovation starts with understanding.
    • Zest. The salt of the earth is not bland.
    • Grit. One does not build the pyramids in a single day.

    Tech stack

    Rails, Heroku, Ember.js, Hugs


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