To change banking forever by 2030. For every dollar you deposit, your bank is making on average 4.5 - 5% a year, paying you a measly 0.01% a year in interest. Beam wants to make banking fair.

Founded 2015
1-15 employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    San Francisco, CA, United States


    At Beam, we have our eyes set on an ambitious goal: to change banking forever by 2030. Today, over 95% of the US population uses a bank account, most of which are paying 0.01% a year in interest. Little do we know, for every dollar you deposit in your bank, your bank is making on average 4.5 - 5% a year, on your money, by loaning it back to you. Meanwhile, your cash in the bank is losing ~2% a year to inflation. Beam wants to change that, and keep more savings in consumers’ pockets.

    As featured on The New York Post, Forbes, ABC, etc, Beam offers a mobile bank account that pays 200x more than your average savings account, with all funds FDIC-insured with zero fee and no minimum. Come join us on a mission to change banking for the better.


    For centuries, banking service has touched and continues to touch practically everyone; yet few dares to ask the question “what the heck goes on behind the bank teller?” At Beam, we believe in asking the right questions, the hard questions. There are 3 things that make us special:

    First, we are making a dent in one of the largest industries on the planet. Just the publicly listed banks alone has a market capitalization that is multiple times that of Apple, presently the most valuable company in the world. Beam aspires to Uberize banking in the same way that many of the other industries have been transformed.

    Second, we set ourselves apart from the vast majority of other fintech companies in that we innovate on the financial layer of the banking product, not just the digital layer. Some of our predecessors, like Simple, make enhancement on tools, features or interfaces, without fundamentally improving the financial contract itself. The core offerings of all financial service industry are naturally about financial products; no real innovation can happen without tackling this layer in a fundamental way.

    Third, we believe in Nelson Mandela’s truism that “It seems impossible until it is done,” and takes a Uber-long-term (pun intended) approach to achieving Beam’s mission of changing banking by 2030. Silicon Valley is filled with companies driven by short-term money and fame, differentiated by the “whats” and “hows” rather than the “whys”. As life is transient, we rest the bane of our existence on being a contributing force in solving the most impactful problem that defines our generation. We select those who share our long-term mission, one by one, even though our future activities may be measured in the billions.


    We maintain a lean, agile team, and are looking to add a few more this year. We have team members with ties to MIT, Princeton, Harvard, Y Combinator, and with premier financial service powerhouses like JPMorgan and KKR. Our people have a rich history of leading highly impactful startups. Yet we look not for distinctions and brand, but for truly capable and driven problem solvers of all kinds to join our ever growing family of Beamers.


    1. Introductory Outreach (10 min)
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    3. Video Interview (45 min)
    4. Onsite interview (2 hours)
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    Interview processes could vary by role.

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    React Native, Node.js, iOS, Android


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