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Founded 1909
5001+ employees
  • Industrial Automation, Supply Chain Management, & Warehousing
  • Headquarters address
    201 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA

    About Audi CODE & TechHub

    Audi CODE (continuous optimization and digital engineering)/TechHub in San Francisco interlinks the Silicon Valley technology innovation power with Audi's digitalization initiatives. Our team in San Francisco is composed of the most talented local IT professionals, engineers, scientists and the best talents from Audi. We plan, prototype and supervise the development and delivery of innovative digital solutions with a focus on: (Multi-)Cloud, DevOps, Automation, BigData, Data Analytics and Mobile Development, along with Augmented/Virtual Reality. We are building scalable and cloud based prototypes based on security proofed architectures to cover concrete Audi business requirements and support innovative future initiatives, while leveraging local Silicon Valley partnerships and trends (start ups, enterprises and universities).

    Audi TechHub Principles:

    • Transparency makes us a more effective team
    • Automate any and all repeatable processes
    • Build quality in everything we do
    • Empirical evidence from data always trumps opinions
    • Use the right tool for the right job
    • Bring pain forward in our process
    • Innovate or “die”

    How to Join Our Team

    We want committed people who identify themselves with the brand and are passionate the company. You will join us initially as a contractor and we are only interested in long-term, multi-year commitments. There are several opportunities for learning and growth as we measure success on what we learned and what we changed. We will always be open-minded in our technology and methods; it is like a green-field approach. Our team members are motivated to be part of what we are building and to help create it from scratch. There will be expectations for you to travel to Germany two to three times a year to be in contact with and work with our colleagues overseas.

    Audi uses cutting-edge technology and our mission is to continuously explore and bring innovative tools and methodologies to the company.

    How We Interview & Hire

    Our interview process begins with a phone or video call to help you learn more about the role, understand your skills and experience, and to help decide if Audi is a mutual fit. If we both decide to move forward, depending on the role there may be a technical challenge to complete. Once passed, we will bring you in for an on-site interview and we'll have you meet with several of our team members to make sure we both find a good team fit. We'll show you our office space, the equipment, and introduce you to our mission and vision so you can understand what we want to achieve. We look forward to hearing you impress us with a story about the greatest problem you solved and how and most importantly, how the brand identifies with you.

    Tech stack

    Advanced Dev Ops on Multi-cloud IAAS, J2EE - Spring - OSGI and more, Open Source preferred API-driven solutions, Integrated Mobile solutions, Big Data - AI and ML, AR/VR, Much more…
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