ATB Financial

Founded 1938
5001+ employees
  • Banking, Corporate Finance, & Investing
  • Headquarters address
    Calgary, Alberta

    We can transform banking, reimagine it, make banking work for people. We’re on a journey to make meaningful impacts on an industry that has the power to transform a person’s life. When we talk about transformation at ATB Financial, we’re not just talking about pie in the sky ideas, we’re listening and collaborating to bring those ideas to life. To put it simply, we’re on a mission to reinvent how banking can support people's lives. We’re going to provide meaningful solutions to problems, deepen our connection with customers and while we’re at it, transform ourselves from the inside out.

    We need collaborative visionaries and executors who are eager to listen to our customers in order to do things other banks wouldn’t do. We’re building a team of relentless, passionate and inquisitive ATB transformers to build our bench strength in disrupting ourselves before we get disrupted.

    Want to be a part of our story? If you’re looking for an organization where you can use your talents to do remarkable things, you may be the alpha to our beta.

    We’re invested in transparency as a key part of our recruitment process, so we encourage you to check out and join our Team Transformation Talent Community on LinkedIn to gain real insight on our culture and what it's really like to be an ATB Transformer. You can check it out and join us at

    Also, to learn more our work and the transformative projects we have on the go connect with us at or

    Our core drivers in #TeamTransformation:

    1. You focus on impact over hard work: what isn't of a concern is the hours you work, but your results and impact on team members and customers

    2. You like to solve difficult problems, together: no one said transforming banking was going to be easy, but we’re collectively reimagining it and there are no solo heroes welcome

    3. You operate with a mentality of Build-Measure-Learn: our agile mindset is not just for our technical teams, it's a mindset that every one of us is asked to operate from. We move fast, we make mistakes but we measure the impact, learn, grow and change as a result

    4. You focus on 10X and leave the incremental thinking at home: if something doesn't have significant impact, you are the person to challenge whether or not it's worth doing

    5. You do it with passion or not at all: you’re inspired by our purpose and you see the link between yourself and the work you are doing to transform banking

    6. You’re comfortable with being uncomfortable: we won’t always have the answers and change is a constant in our world. As a Transformer you trust in our vision and own an attitude of willingness and patience

    7. You keep the customer at the heart of everything you do: Empathy is a core driver in which you navigate the world. You don’t build products, processes and solutions for the sake of checking something off your checklist, you build with the end user in mind, openly engaging new ideas, listening with intent and making decisions with the desire to balance both compassion with logical reasoning.


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