Ask Media Group

We have a passion for building digital experiences that educate and inform the millions of people who visit our sites.

Founded 1995
51-200 employees
  • News, Media, Advertising, & Publishing
  • Headquarters address
    555 12th Street, Oakland, CA 94607, USA

    Home to the iconic website and headquartered in Oakland’s thriving downtown, Ask Media Group is a collection of websites that help curious people find the information they need. Our growing portfolio of websites helps our users discover everything from bathrobes to tax forms, and we thrive on the challenge of developing a wide variety of sites that address everyday questions, no matter how large or small. Our team knows how to not only create but profitably grow digital properties to meaningful scale, touching the lives of millions of people each day. Ask Media Group is owned and operated by IAC (NASDAQ: IAC) and is a part of IAC Publishing, IAC’s collection of premium content brands.

    We’re from Oakland. We embrace our East Bay location and the iconic role we play in Oakland’s blossoming tech scene. We’re made up of a bunch of small teams who work closely together to tackle big challenges and pursue exciting opportunities. We teach each other, support each other, and strive to make our work environment a great place to learn and grow—individually and collectively. We take every opportunity to give back to our backyard and global community.

    To provide a fast, accurate, and reliable online experience to hundreds of millions of people each month, we build technology for speed and scale that exceeds the capability of most other online media companies.

    • Our back-end services must aggregate data from multiple sources to answer questions and surface supplementary content within milliseconds, and our servers must accommodate thousands of queries per second.
    • We run tens of thousands of application instances in containers orchestrated by Openshift / Kubernetes.
    • We collect and process a terabyte of clickstream data every day, driving most of the decisions we make about our business.
    • Our node.js-based front-end framework lets us quickly spin up new websites and A/B test design changes that improve the user experience.
    • We leverage our data science expertise to understand natural language, assess relevant content, predict market fluctuations, and provide answers that are both deep and broad.

    Taken together, our technology helps us explore opportunities to acquire web traffic, provide satisfying user experiences, and profitably monetize every session, and do so in a way that can be scaled massively and efficiently.

    We are Ask Media Group—an eclectic team of innovators, technologists, operators, and business leaders.

    Tech stack

    Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, Linux, Apache, MySQL, AWS


    Compensation and retirement

    401k plan

    Health and wellness

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    Insurance (Dental)
    Insurance (Vision)
    Insurance (Life)
    Insurance (Disability)
    Ask Media Group - We love to Run! And support our community!
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    Ask Media Group - Employee Cafeteria with Coke Machine, Fully Stocked Snacks/Drinks, 3 TV's, Beer/Bar and Video Games
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    Ask Media Group - Our cafeteria common space
    Ask Media Group - Espresso Bar considered "Perks of the Jobs" at our Oakland HQ
    Ask Media Group - Come relax with us at our Oakland HQ