Asimov aims to radically advance humanity's ability to design living systems. We strive to enable biotechnologies with global benefit by combining synthetic biology and computer science.

Founded 2018
16-50 employees
  • Biotechnology & Chemical Products
  • Headquarters address
    Boston, MA


    The remarkable ability of biology to create patterns, perform specialized tasks, and adapt to changing environments is made possible with genetic circuits – networks of interacting genes that perform computation.

    Genetic circuits appear literally everywhere in nature. In a lone bacterium as it "tumbles and runs" toward food. In a California redwood as it constructs itself into the sky. And in your immune system as it wards off cancer and infection. In fact, every single thing that civilization sources from biology – food, materials, drugs – was built by nature using genetic circuits to exert fine spatiotemporal control over biochemistry.

    Yet despite their ubiquity in nature, genetic circuits are not harnessed in most biotechnology today. Instead, the state-of-the-art is constant overproduction of a few genes, whether they be enzymes, pesticides, or peptides.

    Drawing inspiration from this evolution, we have built a suite of genetic circuit software design tools. These tools combine concepts from digital logic synthesis, cell biophysics, machine learning and synthetic biology, enabling us to build some of the most complex genetic systems to date. We continually invest in these tools to enable biotechnologies with global benefit.


    We'll hop on an introductory call, followed by a technical interview: your choice either a phone screen or a take home project. From there we'll invite you to come onsite, meet the team and talk through technical problems related to your position. No white board algorithms and no brain teasers; just discussing your technical background and how to solve problems related to Asmiov's work.

    Tech stack

    python, c++, scala, kubernetes, Google Cloud


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    Asimov - Company Photo
    Asimov - Company Photo
    Asimov - Company Photo
    Asimov - Company Photo